What Size Are Jewelry Cards?

What cardstock is used for jewelry cards?

Earring cards should be made using cardstock with high paper quality in order to provide durability and support for the earring. Heavy cardstock weighing at least 270 grams per square meter (gsm) or 100 pounds (lbs or #) will work well for making earring cards.

What are earring cards made of?

The white earring labels can be used as earring tags / jewelry display card / earring Kraft paper tags / earring studs price tags / jewelry price tags. Material: Tags are made with high quality 300 GSM cardstock paper. Each piece has 2 small holes for displaying earrings / ear studs.

How do you make a paper earring card?

How thick are earring cards?

The holes are approximately 1 inch apart, each with a diameter of 1/16 inch.

How do you harden paper jewelry?

How do you make a jewelry card?

How do you make a display card necklace?

How do you make a homemade earring holder?

If you need a simple way to keep your earrings organized, it turns out a cheese grater works perfectly. You can use a flat grater to hang on a wall. Or you can use a stand-up grater on your dresser or vanity. Add a little spray paint to make it prettier and you have a simple DIY earring holder.

Can you make earrings out of cardstock?

Learn how to make paper earrings from cardstock that are both sturdy and lightweight – you can create them in any shape you like! Seal with Mod Podge. Skills Required: Beginner. This time I'm showing you how to make paper earrings that look like seashells, but you can make them any shape you like.

Can you make earring holders with Cricut?

How do I display my earrings?

How do you make holes in earring cards?

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