What Should A Sponsorship Deck Include?

How do you structure a sponsorship package?

  • The Introduction. First, tell your potential sponsors clearly who you are and what you want.
  • What's In It For Them.
  • What Do You Offer.
  • Your Call to Action.
  • No Generic Sponsorships.
  • Allow Package Customization.
  • Include Sponsors in Your Planning.
  • What is a sponsorship sales deck?

    The sponsorship deck represents the best opportunity to capture the attention of a prospective sponsor. The information in your sponsorship deck sets the stage for the sponsor's decision to invest in a relationship with you. Most sponsorship decks have the following sections: The Investment.

    How do I write a sponsorship proposal template?

  • Page One: Title Page or Sponsorship Proposal Letter. Include your logo and the name of the opportunity or program and your tagline.
  • Page Two: Describe Your Audience.
  • Page Three: Describe Your Opportunity.
  • Page Four: Think Menu not Sponsorship Levels.
  • Page Five: Sample Activations.
  • How do you pitch a sponsor?

  • Research potential sponsors.
  • Master the elevator pitch.
  • Let your numbers do the talking.
  • Remember, sponsorship is more than signage.
  • Include interactive activities in the deal.
  • How long should a sponsorship package be?

    The document may be 4-5 pages long with each page having a separate section. An attractive cover page that present a professional image is also useful. It is a good idea to avoid tacky clipart or poor quality pictures on your cover page.

    What is the very first section of a sponsorship proposal?

    The first section of your sponsorship proposal letter should introduce your event in detail, informing the prospect why it's worth their time and money. Elaborate the basics about the event, including the number of attendees you've welcomed in the past and what you anticipate as some of this year's highlights.

    What should I offer in a sponsorship package?

    At the very least, your event sponsorship package should include the following:

  • Information about your organization.
  • Describe the event.
  • Provide a general description of the benefits of sponsorship.
  • Make sure that you provide details with respect to specific sponsorship levels, the cost, and the rewards for sponsorship.
  • What should a sponsorship proposal say?

  • Demographics.
  • Traffic.
  • Sponsorship Exposure.
  • Location of Sponsorship Material.
  • Cost and Benefits.
  • Testimonials From Past Sponsors.
  • Sample Activations.
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  • How do you write a good sponsorship letter?

  • An Introduction to Yourself and Your Opportunity.
  • The Reason You Got in Touch.
  • Information about Your Audience.
  • Your Activation and Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • A Mention of When You Will Follow Up.
  • How do you attract a corporate sponsor?

  • Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone whose life you changed.
  • Describe what you do. This is your mission statement.
  • Benefits.
  • Describe your demographics.
  • Create an advisory board.
  • Ask for the money.
  • Promise deliverables.
  • Don't sell yourself short.
  • Why do sponsorships fail?

    If the amount of money and efforts invested into a live experience do not bring a company the expected results, one can start talking about failure. Similarly, a sponsorship can be considered a failure when the event organiser is not able to demonstrate the value of the investment to the brand overall.

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