What Is A Software Reseller Agreement?

How do SaaS reseller agreements work?

A SaaS reseller agreement involves a software services provider, known as the vendor, granting another business, the reseller, the rights to enter into a contract with a third party (customer) as the principal for providing the vendor's services to the third party.

What does a software reseller do?

A software reseller is a consultant who sells the software from large companies under a licence. They have no legal employment status with the parent company and generally operate on a freelance basis.

How do SaaS resellers work?

SaaS Resellers

It works by having your business customers package your SaaS product as an essential add-on product for their own service. This way, when your SaaS resellers are hired by their customers, you make a sale of your software.

Can you resell SaaS?

Besides being able to offer a discounted price or other perks, resellers should leverage their existing relationship with the client and the trust they've established to sell these SaaS solutions. You may have noticed that almost all reseller programs in this list offer 20% commissions of the purchase price.

What is a SaaS partnership?

A SaaS partner program empowers both the parties involved. It is a relationship that both parties need to real rewards from. The success of these partnerships lie in understanding goals, metrics, and forging connections to achieve them.

What is a pass through reseller?

The supplier provides a warranty to the reseller, who then provides the same warranty to the customer. Any claims by the customer will first go to the reseller, and the reseller then has to figure out how to get compensated by the supplier.

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