How Do You Write A QA Test Plan?

What is a quality test plan?

A test plan is a document that describes the entire scope of testing activities, starting with the description of the object, strategy, schedule, criteria for the start and end of testing, to the equipment required in the process of operation, special knowledge, risk assessment, etc.

What are the major components of a test plan?

There are three major elements that should be described in the test plan: Test Coverage, Test Methods, and Test Responsibilities. These are also used in a formal test strategy.

How do you create a test plan?

  • Analyze the product or feature you're testing.
  • Design the test strategies (and approach) you're going to use.
  • Define the test objectives and pass/fail criteria.
  • Plan the test environment.
  • Execute your test plan and track progress in your project management tool.
  • How do you manage test cases in Excel?

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