How Do You Write A Press Release For A Product?

What is a product launch press release?

A Product Launch Press Release Template is a document that is released by the company when launching or introducing a new product. This initial promotion is vital for the product launch to be successful which is why this should be appealing to the media and to the public.

How do I publish a press release for free?

  • PRLog: Overall Best Free Press Release Distribution Service.
  • Best for Free, Short-term Release Publishing.
  • Best for Distribution to Search Engines.
  • Best for Free Industry Targeting for a Published Release.
  • Best for Wide RSS Feed Reach for Nonprofits.
  • How do you launch a press release?

  • Find journalists who might be interested in your press release.
  • Get the journalists' contact details.
  • Craft a killer pitch.
  • Make your subject line irresistible.
  • Send your press release pitch (at the right time).
  • Follow-up on your release.
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