How Do You Write A Janitorial Proposal?

How do I write a business proposal for commercial cleaning?

  • Job details (description of tasks)
  • Estimated completion time.
  • Hourly or job rate (whichever your business prefers)
  • Regular cleaning schedule.
  • Total cost.
  • What is a contractor RFP?

    A request for proposal (RFP) is a project announcement posted publicly by an organization indicating that bids for contractors to complete the project are sought. The RFP defines the project, for the company that issues it as well as the companies that respond to it.

    How do you write a bid for a cleaning job?

    Include in your bid details of the job that factored into the bid amount (tasks, size/layout and circumstances), the estimated time it will take to complete the job and the hourly charge (if charging per hour), the cleaning schedule and the total amount you will charge the customer for the cleaning job.

    What should a cleaning contract include?

  • If this is a one-time or regularly scheduled job.
  • The time of day and location of the cleaning service to come.
  • Contact information for the client and cleaning service.
  • If a deposit is needed, hourly rate, and when the cleaning service will be paid.
  • How do you quote a janitorial service?

    Appropriate Pricing for Services

    For example, if you are cleaning a small office, you may charge $20 or $30 per visit. If you are cleaning a large office building with basic cleaning services several times per week, you may need to charge somewhere between $500 and $700 per month.

    How do I get commercial cleaning contracts?

    Traditionally, the most effective and cost-efficient way to get commercial cleaning contracts is by picking up the phone and dialing, aka cold calling. If you already have a network with local business owners or office managers, tapping this network is a great place to start selling.

    How is cleaning bid calculated?

    Here is a simple formula you can use to calculate a realistic cleaning bid price. Multiply the average number of hours (time) it will take you to clean an area by how much you charge per hour (rate), the number of times you are expected to clean (frequency), and the number of weeks in a month (4.3 weeks per month).

    How much should I charge for cleaning offices?

    What's the going price for office cleaning? Prices vary depending on the size of the office and cleaning frequency, and can cost anywhere from $20 to $80 per hour. Most businesses end up paying between $30 and $50 per hour.

    How much should I charge to clean a business?

    Commercial cleaners charge $25 to $90 per hour, and the average hourly rate is $39.

    National average cost $39/hour
    Typical cost range $30-$50/hour
    Low-end cost range $25-$28/hour
    High-end cost range $75-$90/hour

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