How Do I Write An Engineering Test Plan?

What is an engineering test plan?

A test plan that you define in Engineering Test Management drives activity for distributed teams through all phases of the project lifecycle. The test plan defines the objectives and scope for the test effort, and contains criteria to help teams determine the answer to this question: Are we ready to release?

How do you write test items in a test plan?

  • Test Plan Identifier.
  • References.
  • Introduction.
  • Test Items.
  • Software Risk Issues.
  • Features to Be Tested.
  • Features Not to Be Tested.
  • Approach.
  • What is the difference between test plan and test case?

    Unlike test plan and test strategy, a test case is far more specific. It's a sequence of steps that helps teams perform a test in the project. This document often includes conditions, environment, expected results, actual results and whether it passed or failed, according to Software Testing Guide.

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