How Do I Make A Shirt Template In Photoshop?

How do you make a shirt mockup?

How do I make a clothing template?

What is mockup in photoshop?

A mockup is a file that allows you to create a sample of your product or show your work in a real-world setting without actually having to create a physical product.

What dimensions should a Tshirt design be?


Shirt Size Standard Width Suggested Design Width
Small 18 inches 9.5-10.5 inches
Medium 20 inches 10-11 inches
Large 22 inches 10.5-11.5 inches
X-Large 24 inches 11-12 inches

What size should t-shirt designs be?

In general- adult sized shirt designs should be between 11 and 14 inches. For kids sized shirts, you only need between 5.5 and 9 inches. Of course, the design size can change depending on what you're making, but these are good sizes to start with.

How do you make apparel mockups in Photoshop?

Create your mockup in Photoshop

Double click on the layer and it will open a new tab. Delete or hide the previous image and place your PNG file onto the layer. Using the free transform tool (found under Edit or shortcut Ctrl + T), edit the size and placement of your design. Save this layer and close the tab.

How do you make realistic shirt mockups?

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