Free Hershey Bar Wrapper Template

What are the measurements of a Hershey bar wrapper?

Hershey's Chocolate Bar Silver Foil Wrapper, 6" X 7.5", for Over Wrap The Bar, Pack of 100.

How do you make a personalized chocolate wrap?

How do you make a chocolate bar label?

What is the color of a Hershey bar wrapper?

The familiar Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar wrapper. The maroon and silver package, sometimes described as brown and silver, is identifiable at a glance.

What is the length of a chocolate bar?

A 1.55-ounce chocolate Hershey bar is about 5.37 inches long, 2.13 inches wide and 0.25 inch thick.

When did Hersheys stop using foil?

In 2003, to enhance product freshness, Hershey discontinued its traditional foil innerwrap and paper wrapper and began wrapping its milk chocolate bars with a single fin-seal film wrapper.

What font is the Hershey logo?

The foundation of a brand makeover for Hershey's Chocolate is not Helvetica Extra Compressed, but Milton, a custom font named after the company's founder, Milton Hershey. The redesigned logo and supporting identity was launched in 2014 and designed by Hershey Global Design — led by Ron Burrage, Sr.

How do you wrap a Hershey bar?

How do you make chocolate wrapping paper?

Why are chocolate bars wrapped in foil?

At a basic level, foil or plastic are necessary to stop greasy cocoa butter from migrating from the inside of the package to the outside.

How do you wrap candy bars?

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