Electrical Inspection Template

What is electrical inspection checklist?

Electrical Inspection Checklists (Checking, Verifying and Reviewing Electrical Installations) The checklists are intended to help inspectors keep track of the numerous aspects of an electrical installation that must be checked, verified, reviewed, determined, or otherwise examined for NECĀ® compliance.

Is an electrical inspection a legal requirement?

It is clear that there is a requirement to inspect and test all types of electrical equipment in all work situations in order to keep the employer and employee safe.

How do I prepare for an electrical inspection?

Have enough credit if you have a pre-payment electric meter to allow the safety check to be completed. Remove any personal belongings from around your meter and consumer unit/ fuseboard to allow the electrician to access them easily. Unplug as many appliances as possible, such as your TV.

What should I expect from an electrical inspection?

The main areas that the inspection will cover includes:

  • AFCI and GFCI protection.
  • General electrical services and circuitry.
  • The labelling of equipment.
  • All wiring methods, including underground wiring.
  • How does an electrician check wiring?

    The Electrical Meter

    One of the first things electricians do to check wiring and the electrical system in your home is take a look at your electrical meter and check for defects. After checking if the meter is properly installed, they'll look for signs of wear and tear.

    Do I need an EICR to sell my house?

    An EICR is not a legal requirement if you are selling a property, but it can give a potential buyer the peace of mind that the electrics are safe.

    How much do electricians charge to check wires?

    It takes approximately 2 hours per wiring connection and electricians typically charge between $80 and $100 per hour.

    What does a 5 year electrical test involve?

    The electrician should prepare an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which will need to be repeated every five years. An EICR looks at the property's consumer unit, wiring and outlets, earthing and bonding. The electrician will be looking for live wires and damaged electrical fittings.

    Do I need an EICR certificate?

    The Law around the EICR has now changed and will come into effect in July 2020. There will a legal onus on all landlords to have a electrical installation condition report in place. The government have also laid down the law that all existing tenancies will require a EICR report by April 2021.

    How often should you have an electrical inspection?

    In England, Under the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, landlords are required to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested, at least every five years, by a person who is qualified and competent.

    What are the types of inspection?

    5 Main Types of Inspections in Quality Control

  • Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) The very first inspection that takes place following a purchase order is known as a pre-production inspection.
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
  • Container Loading Inspection (CLI)
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